How to Choose your suit perfectly?

 Tommy Lee John and Will Smith, our own Agent K and Agent J from The MEN IN BLACK was such a hit in the 90s, would it be such a blockbuster if Both the agents were running after the aliens in yellow polo t-shirt and blue cargo pants!!! No right, we can’t even imagine them in that outfit. Even there is a dialogue which say Black suit is what defines you. That’s exactly our point a suit is what defines your personality. So, it’s very important to choose your suit aptly. But with such a variety of options generally we get confused of what to choose and what not to choose. Not to worry, there are few basic things we need to keep in mind while selecting the suit.

Try the Navy Blue or Charcoal Suits

Suits in these two colors are the best versatile options anyone can go for. Generally, these two colors look wonderful on any skin tones. We can pair them with any light tone shirts and any tie can do wonders with these two suits.

 It’s quite hard to go wrong with blue and Charcoal Grey tone suits. These two are perfect for a wedding look, a business meeting look, a formal party look, a fancy date night look and for many more. 

Save the black as formal

A Sleek slim fit black suit and trouser is something unavoidable from your wardrobe. You can stand out for galas, a formal event or even at a funeral.

Neutral Check – Statement Suits

A printed suit is another option for a standout look for both professional meetings and even for a date night party. Just make sure you stay in some neutral shades of blue, charcoal or something in black.

Suit Buttons

While selecting your suit you can see there are variety of options like One, Two, Three, Four and even there are seven button suits. Its best to stay away from Ones, fours, and fives. For 95% of you the two button suits will make you look flawless. If you are a tall person you can go for a three-button suit.

Or even a two and half button, in this patter there will be two normal suit buttons and a small button on top which is designed to remain unbuttoned.

Single Breasted Suits

Single Breasted Suits are the classic, fashion – approved choice. It has a one column of button panel and a narrow overlap. Since the modern suit came into existence single breasted suits are standard choice for men.

  • A Double-breasted Suit has wider overlap with two parallel rows of buttons. It’s an option for someone who is bold and it’s a high fashion statement.


There are three different lapels in trend

              • Shawl Lapels – The high formals
              • Peak Lapels - High fashion formals, attention grabbing design
              • Notch Lapels – Your best bet in fashion

This design won’t give you any fashion tycoon awards. But it’s a perennial design.

Jacket Vent

This design won’t give you any fashion tycoon awards. But it’s a perennial design.

  • NO Vent: - It’s a rare pattern. Mostly seen in bespoke suits and Italian Suits. It suits the best for people who like to have a slimmer look and for those who don’t put hands inside the pockets much.
  • Single Vent: - This is the most common style used but single vent will look good only on people who don’t use the side pockets much. Because with a single vent suit when we use the side pockets the cloth tends to fall aside and your back gets clearly visible.
  • Double Vent: - The best vent pattern among any. Your back won’t be visible even if you ride are riding a horse, it is designed in such a way

Choose your Fabric wisely

The higher the wool content higher the quality. There are blends of 70%, 50%, 30% and many more. The 100% wool suits are the best, but if you are in a hot country then go for the blends, they will be perfect for warmer places and colder places as well. If you are someone willing to spend around 900$ - 2000$ You will get 100% wool Suits. While searching for these categories you will start noticing the “Super Wool” – Super 80, super 100, Super 120, Super 150 etc.

The Super category for every company varies from each other. Generally, the higher the number, means tighter the yarn and therefore more luxury drapes in.

There is not a single line answer for how to know the quality of the suit material. But any suiting material with Super in it will be of a very good quality. So don’t pay extra to get a 220 instead of a 100.

Choose your Suit Pattern

Generally, in stores you can find the Ready To wear suits. They are not even comparable to the Bespoke suits. So here we will be explaining about two types of Suits: -

  •  MTM Suits: - Made to Measure Suits, they will be cut & sewed using standard measurement that’s Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, and so on. Here You must wear it and the tailor would note down the small changes that are to be done to make your suit perfect and you will get your MTM Suits.

  • Bespoke Suits: - Suit that will only fit perfectly on you. These are suits which are made after taking each measurement and its tailormade only for your body. Your suit will be unique just the way you are.

Choose your neck wear

Classically a suit is worn with a neck wear which ties everything together. There are the plain ties and the printed ties. Go for the plains most of the time. The Safer option is a RED tie (Unless it’s a neon red) Dark green, Dark blue and the color of kings – Purple these are wonderful colors to use as a tie. The diagonal stripes were used in by the British to represent different Clubs and Military Regiments. But still these prints are used with the formal wears in the modern era of suits. You can go with the repeating patterns like dots and pins too.

In General, the bold patterns, bright colors and knit fabric make the tie very casual and it wont fit right with the suit. Technically the bow ties are just as formal as the long ties. They will be perfect with the suit in a wedding function but wearing a bow tie for a formal function would be a very bold move and you will be the centre of attraction.


Make sure you can move around and lift your arms and move around normally with your suit. Your shoulders should not be too tight or too loose, chest part should be in perfect alignment. At the end comfort is the major factor than anything else.


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