Difference between Ready To Wear & Made To Measure & Bespoke Suit

In the market you will be able to see the major three type of suits. Ready To Wear, Made to Measure and The Bespoke Suits. In this article we will be explaining the different in durability, quality, and price difference in these suits. Our team (Miyestra Bespoke)Linkwell Trading LLC has been in this industry for the past 12 years and out of experience we are putting forward a guide for each of you to discrete from here after.

Ready To Wear Suits

This is something you will be able to buy from a retail shop or the direct outlet stores of many certain brands. Its not like they are always cheap brands. Many famous brands like the Prada, Burberry, Gucci have RTW suits. Some features of RTW are: -

❖ We can collect the outfit on the spot and the fabric will be only available in a specific category. ❖ The RTW are affordable ones. Many brands have RTW from around 100$ - 500$. But the designer patterns will be expensive.

❖ The Fit will be cut & sewed using the standard size basic pattern. That means if you are taking a size 42 it will sit on your body, the way it’s meant to be. Due to the Price, you will have to compromise over the perfect fitting and over the wool percentage in your suit.

Made To Measure Suits

MTM Suits have a better fitting and features than that of the RTW Suits. MTM Suits have some of the features of RTW suits as well. You will get the outfit soon itself. Some features of Miyestra MTM Suits are:

❖ The fabric quality is not as low as the RTW Suits. Here you will be able to resize your sleeves length and the body fitting can also be adjusted.

❖ All the MTM Suits are made of a specific garment itself but in different patterns and models.

❖ MTM Suits are not custom-made suits. Many may try to fool you with that.

❖ MTM Suits are cut and sewed in the basic size as small, medium, large, Extra large and so on. But still, you will be able to alter it up to some extent.

Bespoke Suits

So how is a Bespoke suit so special? Bespoke is all about stitching a suit from top to bottom. Whereas the RTW and MTM suit is something where you are put into one dress with a general size. In simple words without a customer there won’t be any Bespoke suits. A Bespoke Suits Journey starts off from taking the measurement and configuring out the body structure of a client. Then a particular design is created solely for them according to their body type.

Bespoke is, therefore, when done properly, superior to that of RTW and MTM because: -

❖ The fit is exactly for your body.

❖ The sewing quality of Miyestra MTM and Bespoke Suits are just the same. The material options are of wide variety. We have the MTM material and the bespoke suit material as well. When the suit fits you perfectly you don’t need to buy Suits every year. One bespoke suit can run more than you can imagine.

❖ There is a total creativity control over your hands. Its not just about the fitting (Even if that’s the 80% important factor of your suit) the garment, the vintage buttons, the silk threads, the designs, the pocket patterns, the lapel designs, to padding and to drapes. All of these can be of your choice.

Never take this as an expense. Even if it takes some time compared to that of RTW and MTM suits, Bespoke suits are the best option to take. Even if you are someone who wears a suit daily or even if you are an occasional suit person a Bespoke suit is like the perfect investment. As we say first impression is the best impression, wear a bespoke suit for a client meeting and I bet you will be taken seriously. Wear a bespoke suit for an event you will stand out even in the simplest design. Wear it on a date night and see how things change. Wear it on your special wedding day, have a unique suit just as unique as you.


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