Chef Uniform – How to choose your perfect Jacket?

 There are contrasting genre of natural and processed fabrics around us. Its very important to consider the cloth we use. We always consider and appraise about the fabric and feel good about our wardrobe, so we must checkout what material is our uniform too.

Before selecting your uniform, keep these 4 things in mind:

  1. Weight
  2. Ventilation
  3. Level of protection
  4. Comfort

Most of the uniforms are made of Polyester, Polycotton and Cotton.


There is a major connection between a chef uniform and the cloth used to make it. Lighter the material more the comfort to move around. 100% Cotton and Polycotton tend to be thicker, and heavier as a result. See the thing is what you give more priority. Is it the comfort or the protection? Many Chefs prefer Cotton or polycotton because of the protection the material can provide. While working for hours in the heat and oil its safer to use these materials. 

Many lightweight Jackets tend to have a smaller life span. But they are super light weight , so moving around and running your hands could be very comfortable.


Being a Chef is not an easy job. A chef has to visit hotter places than the professional kitchen many a times in a day. So, it’s extremely important that they use highly breathable material. It’s extremely important that the Chef jacket doesn’t makes the user over heated and the slightest amount of moisture in the body is absorbed and released to the air. In order to give this, feature its designed with lots of slits and openings.


The basic feature of a chef jacket should be to protect its wearer from flames, hot pans, or hot spattering oil. Heavy cotton jackets are recommendable here. Especially the double-breasted full sleeve jackets.


Finally, the uniform should be comfortable to the person. Any shift the chef should be able to move around comfortably. Pure Cotton or a polycotton Jacket can serve you with this purpose. Many Italian cotton mix fabrics are there which can serve you with perfect comfort.



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